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Future of Coworking Office Spaces – A Revolutionary Concept

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Future of Coworking Office Spaces – A Revolutionary Concept

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The trend of rising number of start-ups have caught up in India in the recent years, catalyzed by conscious government efforts to create a business-friendly environment. Flexible workspace and coworking office space are developing in all major cities, in sync with this start up culture. India has become the second largest market for coworking space after China.

Today all the major cities including Bangalore, are emerging as a hub of co-working culture in India. The new trend presents many opportunities for all kinds of enterprises.

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Let’s look at some of the ways co-working spaces will affect India’s corporate environment in coming years –

Enterprises of all scale will adapt coworking spaces

Coworking spaces were speedily adopted by startups, but it won’t be confined to them anymore. Giants such as Amazon will also leverage this facility. Even established enterprises often work with freelancers or contractual employees, thus benefits from renting coworking spaces. 

Specialty coworking spaces will emerge

The future years will witness an emergence of coworking spaces with amenities to cater to a specific industry. As of now, most shared spaces house general facilities that are goof for about all kinds of work. However, with time there will be a need for specialized coworking space. Industries like web development will require a different work space arrangement from a cosmeceutical.

Coworking spaces will get better

Modern working spaces will incorporate all contemporary features in-line with new trends. These will house workstations that accommodate amenities in accordance with latest health trends. Health conscious individuals will able to choose appropriate places where healthy meals are sold. Features like standing desks, gyms, and yoga areas, to promote wellness will rise on the latest years. Recreational areas will also attract more focus.

Rise of multi-location providers

Presently most coworking spaces are located to single areas. With time shared spaces will offer subscription facilities for people who are always on the go. Multi-area coworking spaces is predicted to be an emerging market.

Coworking office space have opened many opportunities for budding entrepreneurs and freelancers. They are revolutionizing not just the IT but other industries as well.  

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