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The Best Work Place for you in 2019

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The Best Work Place for you in 2019

Coworking space bangalore

Curious to know about the best place to work this year!  It is none other than co-working office space, where the person sitting right beside you might not belong to the same company.

Almost a decade back the concept of co-working office spaces did not exist. Nowadays it is lauded as a welcome alternative for the employees and their employers. Shared office spaces create a win-win situation for both with its advantageous aspects.

coworking in bangalore

Workers  Love to Come To Office & Enjoy to Work

Loving to come to office every morn and starting off with a happy mind are aspects that take professionalism to the next level.

Embracing co-working has good reasons to do so, primarily for its community vibe:

  • Working in shared workspace is productive and fun
  • Innovation can be exercised to best possibilities because diverse professionals contacts and networking can be made
  • Great platform for exchanging new ideas, thoughts and opinions
  • Even new career opportunities can crop up as professionals form varied industry verticals rub shoulders, mix and mingle
  • Time saving because commuting time reduced to bare minimum
  • Greater work freedom in an autonomous environment minus prying eyes of the boss or colleagues
  • Infrastructure facilities like printer machine, copier, fax or the conference rooms and rest rooms can be shared
  • Technology like round the clock Internet connectivity can be shared
  • Greater ROI because no infrastructural cost; no more real estate cost related to office space creation

The trend of co-working office space is here to stay because modern time is witnessing phenomenal increase in the numbers of entrepreneurs, freelancers and telecommuters (telecommuting in a community work place is better than working from home). Moreover, companies considering shared work space culture are reaping the myriad benefits on administrative, financial and human resource level.


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