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5 Rules You Must Follow When Looking for the Office Space

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5 Rules You Must Follow When Looking for the Office Space

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It may feel as a daunting task to find an Office Space in Whitefield for your start up. Most people intentionally ignore this until it’s their last feasible moment to find one. That’s the worst thing to do.

To start your first venture you must know where you will be looking for spaces, which neighborhood is apt for your business, pricing of the space and from where you will get such spaces.


When you are looking for Office Space in Whitefield, you must follow some of these simple rules to get a clarified picture for making smarter decision:

  1. Calculate Required Space

Definitely you will not pay for a place that you don’t need. As you have to pay for your future office by its value in each square foot, you must evaluate exactly how much space you actually need.

Be sure how many employees you will need and make sure all of them have space of their own. Always keep in mind that you will need some future employees to grow your start up also, so make accurate calculation of the space you need.

  1. Look for Office Space Bit Earlier

You must start looking for office space 6 months prior to your anticipated process starting date. Whenever you start to think about getting an office space and it’s affordable in that moment, you must not waste a minute to look around for one that will suit your need. Rushing later and regarding is not an option.

  1. Take Help from Broker

Even if you can arrange an office space to lease, you must contact a good broker to find a suitable space based on your criteria list. Broker can help you with the best deal for that space.

  1. Bring Checklist for Office Space Search Tour

Whenever you go searching for office spaces take a checklist with you to tick or cross the facilities all these places have or don’t have. It will make your determining process easier.

  1. Talk with People that Done This Before

It is highly recommended to consult the peers who have previously gone through the process of leasing office space.

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