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Co-working Venue – the New official Address on Your Visiting Card

Coworking office space seats bangalore
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January 31, 2019
Coworking space bangalore
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Co-working Venue – the New official Address on Your Visiting Card

New official Address on Your Visiting Card

Owning an office in prominent locations of Bangalore is an expensive affair. So, why not share office space in Bangalore with fellow companies or start up ventures? Even for telecommuters working in a common space along with many is a welcome relief from working in the lonely environment of home.

It is indeed enriching to work in a community because it spurs productivity. You can share platform with like-minded individuals and hence a great way to exchange valuable thoughts and opinions.

How Co-working Spaces Emerge as a New-Age Solution?

Earlier starting a business meant you need to have a work space, be it small or huge. But things have evolved over the past few years.  The newest solution is simply to have one office and share it across many businesses. Premium office spaces can be created for premium brand, almost in a jiffy with state-of-the-art infrastructure and sophisticated interior décor.

The finest part is that you can grow your office space in tune with the growth in your business without any kind of hassles in creating more spaces for more professionals and prospects.

office space in Bangalore

Coworking office space in Bangalore is advantageous looking into the fact that many facilities can be shared by professionals, businessmen, freelancers and telecommuters.

  • Shared work stations
  • No fixed office hours – hence greater freedom to walk in for work
  • Conference room and facility can be rented/ reserved
  • Instant Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Shareable office resources like printer machine, fax machine and copier
  • External phone lines can be shared by office enterprises with PBX (Private Branch Exchange) Systems.
  • Rest rooms, kitchens and bathrooms can be shared by coworkers

Get co-working venue (located at the IT hub of Bangalore) address printed on your visiting card and enjoy office hours in an inspired entrepreneur community.

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