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Cost Effective New Age Ways to Work

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June 8, 2018
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July 2, 2018

Cost Effective New Age Ways to Work

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Bangalore is the fourth largest Information Technology sector in the world. This makes it the city with the maximum number of IT companies in India. The space crunch is only imaginable considering the area required for different sectors to work for the IT industry, like the manufacturing or service, packaging, or
just plain space for servers.

Over the past few years the city has also noticed a surge in the number of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) new age entrepreneurs, Social start-up companies, apart from people who recognize their skill set and decide to work independently as a consultant. Where would these people go in a city that is already struggling for space?


The answer is simply brilliant- a co-working space! A place where people from different walks of life, owning different companies, doing business separately and independently, come together to carry out their day to day business activities in a common place with dedicated work spaces.

With the upcoming concept of shared office space, Bangalore is slowly becoming comfortable with this convenient way of working. You don’t have to pay much, you don’t have to maintain a large office, pay a huge amount for the support services, or even hire staff and maintain a payroll.

However, if you still choose to avail any of these services, you can do so at an affordable rate at a co-working space of your choice. From HR to Accounting, from pantry to mailing service, from internet connectivity to conference rooms and printing and video conferencing facilities, you can have it all.

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