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What You Must Consider Before Renting A Shared Office in Bangalore?

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July 9, 2019
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What You Must Consider Before Renting A Shared Office in Bangalore?

shared office in bangalore

Globally shared office spaces have evolved from a trend to an established service in the office space leasing market. Coworking is an attractive option for many professionals operating as freelancers and entrepreneurs. Shared office in Bangalore is steadily gaining popularity amongst skills of all types and many searches for realtors who provide this facility daily.

Coworking space essentially refers to a setup where a common floor of workstations and cubicles are available for renting. Professionals can rent a space for themselves with terms of varying durations. The charge includes all amenities such as electricity, high speed internet, IT support, and front office service. All of this means, one wouldn’t be spending any time or money on setting up his/her own office.

Since multiple options of coworking spaces are emerging on a daily basis, what are some of the factors to consider? Careful selection will ensure that one’s productivity is heightened and one gets maximum advantage of the shared office.

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Growth of the enterprise

Considering how much the business will grow in the next 5 years will help to gather an idea of the required office space. Careers such as chartered accountancy and architecture have lots of potential to scale up rapidly. A team of 5 can grow up to a 10-member firm within just few months.

It all depends on the tenant’s future plan. Some may prefer working solo for about a year before delving into the undertaking of building a team. Maybe a firm’s growth is clear and thus the leaders are aware of an upcoming demand for more workstations. All these factors will influence how much real-estate is available in an office space.

The type of space

Shared spaces offer considerable advantage to modestly-budgeted SMEs, solopreneurs, and freelancers. To utilize these advantages to the fullest one must choose the right facility. You can choose from a hot desk, a fixed desk, cabin space, and flexible space. While a fixed desk guarantees stability, it’ll cost more than a flexibility desk, where one will have to bear with the necessity of continually changing desk every day.

Conclusively, it’s essential to ask what will maximize productivity? Location and accessibility are other important factors that should determine the choice of a shared office in Bangalore.        

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