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Budding Entrepreneurs of Bangalore

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July 18, 2018
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Budding Entrepreneurs of Bangalore


Bangalore has witnessed a surge in the start-up population. More and more people want to get into the space of entrepreneurship and contribute to the society. The mundane tiring life of working for organizations, given the insecure and hostile environment sets fear in many hearts. After serving loyally for years on end, when the organization sacks you with little or no notice period, it is not only heart breaking, but also demotivating. Looking for a new job was never an easy task. And in the dwindling times as these, getting a job at par with your skills, work experience, and standard of living becomes nothing but an uphill task.


This has urged many talented individuals to come together and open their own start-ups. The domains are diverse and as ingenious as the individuals who own them. From travel and transport to medicine, from artificial intelligence to social enterprise, the variety of start-ups is surprising and innovative in their solutions. There have been instances of people opening their companies in different cities and achieve some success. However, owing to investors, and mentorship, among other reasons, when they relocate to Bangalore, their success is unprecedented.

Start-ups in Bangalore have their own circle of influence. The highly networked group of talented hardworking individuals understand the pains of starting their own venture. When faced with a choice of looking for an easy job that pays timely for the service or working hard to make your product or service a success, the entrepreneur chooses the latter.

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