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The Rise of Small Scale Businesses

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March 23, 2018
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April 25, 2018

The Rise of Small Scale Businesses

Business Startup

There is an old adage that goes by Money attracts Money. This has been reason enough for centuries for people to befriend those who are rich and influential. Moving among the class of rich businessmen makes one feel as part of that community and also keeps them on the ladder to success. In India these days, that community is settled in Bangalore. The Startups, or the small-scale businesses are growing at an enormous speed in India, given the political scenario and the dearth of opportunities. Educated, young entrepreneurs are rapidly leaving their comfortable, high paying jobs with leading multinational companies.

Technological Bangalore

The notion that just as Bollywood is synonymous with Mumbai, technology and IT is with Bangalore. Right from the biggest names in the IT industry, Bangalore is a perfect collage for the techies to pin down their choice of employer and get started. So much so that even the startups are shifting base to Bangalore. There is a growing trend that the companies started in various cities move their set up to Bangalore as soon as they realize their technical viability. The undertone of superstition is that any startup who moves to or starts in Bangalore has a bright and glorious future and with the same amount of hard word as in any other city, becomes a multimillion dollar company. If this is even remotely true, another reason to move to Bangalore can be added to the existing list.

Diversity in Startups

With a country boasting the second highest population on the planet, it is not surprising that India is a diverse land with equally diverse inhabitants. This is the reason why the startups in India are also great in variety. Some start with an idea close to their heart while others try to fulfill a growing need in the market. While some make technological advances in the hardware and infrastructure domain of IT, there are still others who want to make a lasting social, ecological, and an ethical impact.

Ideas started in remote villages, garages, or even on a flight from one place to another, take shape once they are concertized. Some startups in Bangalore are busy making an ethical impact by making plant-based products available at an affordable rate. Another popular startup has started a salon that uses only cruelty free products in the most humane way possible. One startup has started the supply of organic fruits and vegetables straight from the farm right at your doorstep. Let us not forget the multi-million dollar funded startups that have changed the face of online shopping, fashion, and travel within India. Bangalore is the melting pot of ideas great and small but the most fascinating fact about this place is that it makes way for just anyone who comes with a brilliant idea to execute. While the entire country is into skill development training and employment generation, this is a great time for startups and what better place to start something new than in Bangalore!

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