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What makes startups in Bangalore tick

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What makes startups in Bangalore tick

Person using tablet for startup business

Person using tablet

Bangalore is officially the “Silicon Valley” of India. The city is teeming with bright and brilliant minds who have come up with unique ventures. Startups in Bangalore have flourished over the past decade and how! Renowned companies like Flipkart, BigBasket and Myntra have their roots in Bangalore. Understandably, every new startup wants to kick off its journey from the streets of the Garden City of India. So what is it that makes Bangalore startups so irresistible? 

  • Abundance of Investors 

The first and foremost reason for the unrestricted growth of Startups in Bangalore is the constant flow of investments in the city. Bangalore has already established itself as the technological hub of the country and given us many successful startup ventures. As a result, investors keep a keen eye on the Bangalore startup scene and are willing to give the big bucks to individuals whose ideas have potential. 

  • Good Infrastructure 

A company’s success is largely dependent on the kind of work environment it can provide to its employees. Bangalore is known for its excellent infrastructure when it comes to office spaces. Ultra-modern concepts like shared office spaces are lucrative for startups. Shared office spaces are not only economical for small-scale startups but also hassle-free. Consistent internet connectivity, comfortable workspaces and the flexibility of sharing office spaces with individuals of different companies are just a few perks offered by shared office spaces.

  • Inclusive culture 

The climate and culture of Bangalore are often termed as conducive to efficient and meaningful work. Youngsters get much-needed confidence and encouragement to work in this city where age is not directly proportional to talent. There is no dearth of talent in the city. Startups in Bangalore provide skilled individuals with off-beat job roles, flexible work environment and more often than not, hefty pay packages. 

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