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The creation of meta-office culture in Bellandur Gate

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The creation of meta-office culture in Bellandur Gate

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Flourishing ideas bring with them a wave of change. And that’s what entrepreneurship is all about. Something new, something refreshing that changes entire concepts of how a particular thing is done. 

Traditional Office spaces and Organizational Culture

Traditional office spaces are typically associated with the idea that there will be a particular company occupying the entire space of the office and that usually comes with a high fixed cost. The very concept of Organizational Culture is closely attached to the idea of a traditional one-company system where everyone in the office or the company share a common value system, a common vision with a goal to achieve the company objectives through various missions. However, the advent of virtual office in Bellandur gate has brought about a change in ways in which the company culture is shared. Bangalore, the city of entrepreneurs is the perfect location where such office spaces are opening up. The virtual office in Bellandur gate , in Bangalore ,is one place to look out for, not only for entrepreneurs and freelancers , but also for big companies who are looking to optimize their space and cost.

Virtual Office in Bellandur gate and it’s benefits 

  To put it all very simply , a virtual office in Bellandur gate is an amalgamation of services that are typically required in an office space , including physical infrastructure in the form of conference rooms, private desks, fax machines and many more , along with internet services , technological solutions , human resource support and operations. This is usually provided by another company. 


  • The value that is being added for the clients by these companies with the clients having to not pay a fixed price is what differentiates between a traditional office space and a virtual office space.
  •  Simultaneously it brings with it the concept of a meta-office culture. 


  • Meta-office cultures are typically a buffet of various cultural touch points having different companies sharing the same office space. It brings with it a paradigm shift from the idea of a traditional organizational culture , making room for flexibility, acceptance, participation and shared ideas between various companies and it’s employees .

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